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Have an idea that you are toying around with? Have a design jotted down on paper for a sign you need? Our design team will take your idea or design and render it on a computer with full detail and dimensions to your specifications. We use top of the line design software to bring ideas to fruition:



Our team calculates all aspects of the part, object or sign's design. Some ratios for signs may need to be tweaked to obtain the desired effect. Some items in a part or sign might need to be joined to give rigidity to the objects structure. Our design team compensates for this and produces the perfect balance between the idea and what works in real life. Once the idea is fully rendered, it is now ready for one of our many other services...


One of our most impressive services is our sheet metal cutting service. We have several machines that specialize in this task.

Our three CNC machines cut precise parts and pieces out from sheet metal with ease. This is ideal for high volume, technically specific parts up to 3/16" in thickness.

Our three plasma cutting machines can take a design or part and cut it out as easily as drawing it on paper. The machines can handle up to 5/8" thick sheet metal.

We have several hydraulic press cutting machines that can cut large sheets of metal into several smaller sheets or even strips of metal 2 inches wide. These machines can handle up to 3/8" thick metal.

Having all these machines gives us extreme versatility providing the ideal solution to your sheet metal cutting needs.


If you have a sheet metal part that must be bent to a certain angle or maybe have the edges flared out then this service is perfect for you. We have several hydraulic press machines that are specifically suited for this. We have an on-site designer that can create a custom die that takes your sheet metal part and shapes it to the desired configuration via a specialized press. Having a custom die made is best suited for high volume part productions. With this service, your parts will take the leap from 2D to 3D.

Metal pipe bending is also available. This service is ideal for custom handrails, headboard framing or even metal conduit.


Our manufacturing facility has over 20 professional welder's with many years of experience under there belts. They are experts at their jobs and take pride in their work. With dozen's of welding machines at their disposal, it's no problem for them to finish every job to perfection. Our facility also houses many rivetting guns and machines to allow versatility when joining metals together. Each assembly (beit weld or rivet) is handled with care and fully inspected at all stations for top quality.


To make sure any part is pristine, a little grinding, buffing, cleaning and polishing may be required. We have the team and the tools that get the job done right. During this process, the part is looked over for any burrs, scuffs, unclean areas or imperfections. If anything unsatisfactory is found, it is immediately conditioned to the highest quality standard.


Our facility offers top of the line powder coating. This service is a six-step detailed process...


Prep (clearing product of debree and particulates)


Cleaning (washing product with a special solution removing any oils or dirt)


Drying (completely drying the product so that it is ready for the powder coating process)


Powder Coating (paint is applied to the product in powder form and adheres via an electrostatic process)


Curing (the product is baked in an oven at a constant temperature which "binds" the paint to the product)


Packaging (the product is inspected and packaged after it has cooled from curing)

Each step in our powder coating process is human-driven. All items are given the utmost care and attention to detail.